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When the front dashboard of your car is covered with dust, or the leather seats is dry and fade, do you simply wipe it with a rag?

In fact, we can say you have done nothing wrong. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the dust on the interior surface of the car. Of course it is that simple. However, there are professional products in this world that allow you to clean the surface of various parts of the car, and they are not expensive at all. After using those products, I believe you may no longer want to wipe with your own rag.

Meguiar's Products

Meguiars or Meguiar's. Meguiar's is a company that specializes in providing surface cleaning and beauty products for automobiles, ships and other related fields.

Meguiar's Micron smartbuy365.com

Take an example that I and some friends had. We only knew that we could wipe the dust on the inner surface of our car with a cloth, but we felt dissatisfied. Why? A problem is that the gloss of the facilities in the car is gone, And the wear and fading area can not be improved. Until someone told us, we spent a few dollars to buy Meguiars's special cleaning wiper, we just know we can get professional cleaning and enriching leather surface with so easy way!

The following is the Meguiars leather wipes that we bought. This kind of wipes contains Meguiars' unique leather maintenance and moisturizing formula. It is very suitable for wiping the surface of various parts of the car interior (the front panel, plastic surface of the four walls, leather seats, etc. Of course, you cannot wipe non-leather seats' surface).

Meguiar's Micron smartbuy365.com

Meguiars's surface cleaning products are all self-designed cleaning, maintenance and moisturizing formulas, and their performance has always been the best among similar products in the world. Just use Meguiars Micron leather wipes to wipe a few times, and the results are so different. Their more than 100 years of history is indeed well-deserved.

Meguiar's Micron smartbuy365.com

Opening the box, we can see the wipe paper inside is as easy as taking out toilet paper:

Meguiar's Micron smartbuy365.com

In addition to using this wipe paper for the interior of the car, the surface of leather items and related places, we can also use it to wipe other items sometimes. For example, I can pick some wipes that don’t seem to have a lot of grease (formula), I can use them to wipe computer stuff such as keyboards (but don’t wipe the Monitor!) and finish then wipe off the grease on the keyboard surface with a soft cloth, the effect is also great.

Meguiar's Micron smartbuy365.com

Where to buy?

Meguiar's products can be bought at some local general stores, auto supply stores, or hardware stores.

For example CanadianTire, Walmart1, Walmart2, etc.

You can also shop online, here is the online shopping links:

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