Amazon Suspended Multiple Big Chinese Sellers


Since May 2021, many Amazon buyers may have discovered a strange change: The sales links of some products that they purchased in the past can not be found.

When they clicked on those product links in their purchase history list, the Amazon website showed that the product could not be found. This situation is very common in the United States and Canada recently.

This is because Amazon has recently cleaned up and suspended some sellers, of which a considerable part of them are Chinese sellers with very large sales volume. The total annual sales of these sellers on Amazon have reached 1 billion US dollars.

Amazon Canada

It is rumored that these sellers are involved in the violation of fake reviews. This fake review incident originated from a report on the leak of the review database released by Saftty Detectives, which revealed that some Amazon sellers used free products in exchange for good reviews.

Fake reviews and "click farming" are actually very common on some online shopping platforms in China, and they are even open secrets. Moreover, they seem to be one of the necessary "skills" for many sellers to succeed in starting a business.

These illegal methods include: buying some illegal good reviews automatic generation services, or hiring some peope to add fake positive product reviews (good reviews), or exaggerating the market purchase share through some false transaction records, and some sellers give buyers free gifts in exchange for good reviews from buyers.

The big sellers that have been suspended include the famous Patazon (MPow) and Aukey Tech. Their well-known products include Mpow, Aukey, VicTsing, Tacklife and others such as Auster, Vtin, Seneo. , Homasy, Homitt, LITOM, TopElek, OMORC, TRODEEM, Atomoko, HOMTECH, OKMEE.

The products that have been suspended on the Amazon in different countries are different. Most of the brands mentioned above have been removed on the Amazon website in the United States, but some may still be available for sale on Amazon in other countries, and some brands are still being sold by other small sellers.

However, the home page of some products are still there but just the products cannot be sold currently. For example, on the Amazon Canada website, VicTsing Products still has an official page, but nothing is allowed sell.


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