Huawei Phone upgrade Google Play Store is missing


There are two Huawei mobile phones (Mate series and P series) at home that I bought in China. They are designed for Chinese consumers, but they can be used in North America with Google Service is enabled.

There is a preset Google Service in some Huawei mobile phones such as Mate and P, but it is not enabled by default in China, because consumers there cannot use it in China. But people can get it when they go abroad and use the Google Service directly.

For example, Huawei Mate 10 can even directly search out Google Play Store in its own Huawei App Store (at least we could find out a few years ago), and then we can install it directly.


However, in the past year, due to a series of restrictions imposed by the United States on Huawei, Huawei’s software upgrade package for Huawei mobile phones used in China may delete Google Play Store. Many Huawei mobile phone users outside of China have lost the Google Play Store app after the phone got software upgrade. Most of these mobile phones are bought in China.

We also encountered the same problem. After the recent upgrades to the Chinese version of Huawei Mate 10, the Google Play Store in the phone disappeared. We tried many methods but we couldn't get it back. It seems that the Google Play Store has indeed been deleted, because we have tried many methods, and all the so-called "retrieve" methods that can be found on the Internet are invalid. We feel that Google Play Store is not simply hidden.

How to get back the lost App Store app on a Huawei phone?

Our final solution is finding a reliable website to download the apk file package of the Google Play Store (which can be opened and downloaded directly in the browser of the phone), install the apk package on the phone, and the problem is solved.

The following are three recommended websites where you can download the Google Play Store:




We downloaded the apk package from the third website above because we only found the third website.


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