North American Face Mask Deals


The school re-open day is getting closer, but the coronavirus outbreak is still worrying, and it is definitely not safe. The coronavirus outbreak in some countries is still serious. Now people must wear masks when they go out. Face Masks have become a daily necessity.

But the good thing is that the current supply of masks in various places is relatively sufficient, and the price is getting closer to the normal price. It is no longer high and no longer difficult to find.

Since masks are our current daily necessities, here we collect some masks' deals.


1: Walmart:

Walmart's supply of online and offline masks is abundant and diversified to meet people's different needs. Below is the direct connection.

Walmart Canada Face Masks Deals.

Walmart Canada Face Masks Deals

There are Disposable adult face masks, Disposable kid face masks, Resuable adult face masks and Reusable kid face masks.

2: Costco:

Costco is a favorite place for people to go for shopping. When Costco first supplied masks, the price seemed to be cheaper than other places. However, when the prices of masks in other stores were already very affordable, Costco did not change the price. They didn't cut the price of masks until recently, but they are still slightly more expensive than other stores.

So in terms of price, we do not recommend Costco masks very much, and if you are not a member of Costco, you may only be able to buy masks on Costco's website, but all the products on their website can not compared with other online stores, because Costco still focuses on physical stores at least so far. We once ordered masks on their website and found that the quality of the masks on their website was worse than in their stores.

This link is the webpage where Costco Canada sells masks.

3: Amazon:

Although the Cov-19 outbreak has an impact on Amazon’s operations, Amazon is now becoming more and more a beneficiary, because more and more people are shopping online at home, and Amazon is the largest online shopping platform. They provide the most types of products, and of course the types of masks. There are also many.

Take a look, the following is the page we opened on Amazon selling masks just now, just search for it.

amazon masks

Here goes directly to the mask page of Amazon's official website

4: Hudson's Bay:

Of course Hudson's Bay also has masks, do their masks look more fashionable?

Hudson's Bay masks

5: The Home Depot and CanadianTires:

The masks sold on weekdays in these two stores are all related to work. Now they have increased the types of masks related to daily life.

The Home Depot

Canadian Tire

6: Other supermarkets:

There are also masks sold in other local supermarkets. You can check them out when you go there.

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