SSL Certificate is Enabled on This Website


SSL certificate is enabled on this website.

We didn't enable SSL certificates until August 2021 (that is, visitors now use https to access for the following reasons:

1: website does not collect visitor information, there is no user login and management mechanism in, all data are articles written by ourselves, we all have backups, data protection is not our focus, unless we establish User management data, user data is the key point that needs to be protected;

2: Our team has been focusing on the content management and the construction of the website itself for many years;

However, we now have good news: from August 27, 2021, has enabled the SSL certificate, but we still do not have any modules and functions that collect information of users and visitors, because the site’s The purpose is mainly item reviews, so there is no need to establish a user management module for the time being.

The SSL certificate uses the SSL protocol for communication. After enabling the certificate to the server, the server will enable the HTTPS protocol. This site will transmit data through the HTTPS encryption protocol, which can help establish an encrypted link between the server and the client, thereby ensuring the security of data transmission between the server and your network client.

Therefore, you should now visit more confidently. Thank you!


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