Free Cloning Software for HDD and SSD 01


Now more and more SSDs have been used on computers instead of HDD. The future computer storage devices will eventually completely abandon the traditional hard disk HDD.

The main reason why traditional HDD will be abandoned is the bottleneck of read and write speed. Because, although HDD seems to be more stable than SSD at present, its biggest problem is that its reading and writing speed has not kept up with the current development of computer technology. If it is not possible to achieve the access speed like SSD, then HDD will definitely suffer Eliminated.

Therefore, more and more computer users are buying SSD. So, we now have a question: how to replace the existing HDD of computer users with SSD?

How to use SSD to replace the existing HDD in a computer?

Replacing the HDD of an existing computer with an SSD is mainly divided into two major steps:

The first step is to copy all the software on the existing HDD disk, including the boot system, to the newly purchased SSD. This step is called Clone;

The second step is to take out the HDD from the computer and put the SSD in. This step is different according to different computers, it is not what we are going to talk about in this article.

In this article, we mainly talk about the first step that is how to clone an existing HDD disk to a new SSD.

We just need some tools for the disk cloning. There are multiple great, professional and free disk HDD to SSD cloning tools on the market, and some of them also support cloning from a larger capacity HDD to a smaller capacity SSD** .

In this article, we first introduce a few HDD SSD disk cloning software that we have used and proved to be effective, and free, and the users are not a small number:

1: Macrium Reflect

The current version of Macrium Reflect is Macrium Reflect 7, which is divided into Home Use and Business Use.

The free version of Macrium Reflect 7 supports cloning between computer disks, HDD to SSD cloning, and HDD to relatively small capacity SSD cloning.

Macrium Reflect provides a how to use Macrium Reflect Clone Disk tutorial.

2: EaseUS Partition Master

The disk system backup and cloning tools provided by EaseUS are perhaps the most popular free software at present.

EaseUS provides a variety of tools such as disk recovery, Partion Manager, backup and recovery, etc., and each of their tools try to support multi-platform. Such as Windows, Android, Mac.

When we need to clone from HDD to SSD and SSD capacity is relatively small, we need to use EaseUS Partition Master, please refer to the official tutorial

Clone Larger HDD to Smaller SSD

How to use EaseUS Martition Manager Clone Disk tutorial.

3: Clonezilla

CloneZilla is a command-line disk copy cloning tool. It supports Windows and Linux. If you are using a Linux system, then CloneZilla may be better.

CloneZilla not only supports a single machine, but also supports multiple device deployment, backup, and recovery (multiple device deployment, backup, and recovery)


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