Habor Wireless Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter with AUX input and Hands-Free Calling Unboxing and Review


In Canada, driver can not use hand to make calls or adjust GPS when driving by law. So we'd better have a Bluetooth phone calling device such as a hand-free Bluetooth voice receiver and transmitter which connect to car's radio device.

There are 2 popular types of Car Bluetooth Hands-free devices: Bluetooth earphone and Bluetooth FM transmitter with Hands-Free Calling function.

The Bluetooth earphone will be used when we drive car alone, we do not need to share voice and music with other people.

In case of driver want to share music or phone calling with other people on the same vehicle, a FM transmitter with Bluetooth phone calling function is the option.

Unboxing of Habor Wireless Bluetooth Car Music Player Fm Transmitter with AUX input and Hands-Free Calling

This is the box of Habor Wireless Bluetooth Car Music Player Fm Transmitter with AUX input and Hands-Free Calling


Opened the box, we saw the Bluetooth FM transmitter, a AUX audio cable and a manual guide. Why AUX audio cable provided is because we can use it connect the transmitter and other sound source which does not support Bluetooth, for example, an old style music player.


The feature:

This is an upgraded Bluetooth car FM transmitter, which allows you to play music from your phone, USB flash disk and TF card. With built-in mic, it also can make hands-free calls for safe drive. Two USB charging ports let you charge your phone and tablet.

1: Wirelessly transmit phone call from mobile phone to the car FM stereo system;

2: Dual USB output to charge other devices (DC 5V/2.1A);

3: Supports USB/SD/AUX-IN;

4: Switch to Hands-free mode automatically from music playing status when receiving calls;

5: LCD display;

6: 206 channels optional from 87,5-108 MHz;

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How to use Wireless Bluetooth Car Music Player Fm Transmitter with AUX input and Hands-Free Calling ?

Some people are confused and do not know how to use this device correctly. Actually if you used FM transmitter previously, you should understand how to use current device easily.

The audio flow like this: A music or a phone calling is from your cell phone or any music player, sent to the Wireless Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter via Bluetooth, FM Transmitter transmit the audio to car radio system.

So what we should do first is setting the FM Transmitter communicate with our car radio stereo system: Press the M button to set a FM channel for the FM transmitter (if you do not set, a FM 107.5 MHz or 107.9 MHz has already been set by default) you will switch your car radio channel to the same frequency to match the FM transmitter. This setting let the FM transmitter communicate with car stereo radio.


(In our case, we set the frequency to 88.3 MHz.

This is just a demo setting, so you can set to any frequency which you like)

The second step is easy, just open your cell phone Bluetooth and scan device, you will find out the FM transmitter and connected it. The next time, your phone and the FM transmitter will connect automatically, and a lady voice will remind you:

"The Bluetooth device is ready to connect…"

"Your Bluetooth device is connected successfully!"

Then you can use the device with your phone hands-free (click the middle phone button)

You can also adjust volume, forward or backward music, play music from SD card etc.

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