Oliver James Oral B Compatible Replacement Brush Head


We often buy Oral B brush heads from local stores like Costco, Wal-Mart etc. In Costco the price is a little bit cheaper, 8-pack is for $39.99 CAD in store. We heard about other compatible replacement brush heads but we doubted they could have good quality, until we tried one for ourselves.

Here we have several compassion photos between the compatible one and original Oral B:


The compatible brush head brand named Oliver James which is a trade mark. We can compare the brushes below and above, can you see which one is better ?


We have used Oliver James brush head for 3 weeks by now, there have not been different feels with when we used original Oral B brush head, no issues either. But maybe you could feel it is a little bit looser than the original Oral B brush head if your Oral B rechargeable tooth brush is not enough new.

Compared prices, we mentioned the best price might be 8 pack for $39.99 CAD from Costco store, but Oliver James Oral B compatible replacement brush heads 20 pack is only for $26.99 CAD on Amazon now.


Note: this item is NOT for Sonic brushes.

Compatible with the following Oral B Handles:

Oral B Vitality Precision Clean
Oral B Vitality Dual Clean
Oral B Professional Care
Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries
Oral B TriZone
Oral B Advance Power
Oral B Pro Health
Oral B Triumph
Oral B 3D Excel
Oral B Plak Control 3D
Oral B Triumph Professional Care
Oral B Sensitive Clean
Oral B White Clean
Oral B Interclean
Oral B Pro-Health

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