The Lowest Price of Instant Pot 6-qt in Canada


Instant Pot most like has become a real popular brand kitchenware in North America after 2017 Black Friday. We could see Instant Pot were sold In big stores such as Walmart, BustBuy in Black Friday in Canada.

Normally, the regular price of 6 qt Instant Pot is around $110 in Canada, also we might get lower prices like around $80 when it is on sale. However, in 2017 Black Friday, Walmart provided unbelievable low price: 6-in-1 Instant Pot 6-qt was for ONLY $48.88 !! which is the lowest price in Canada we could meet.


Of course, all Instant Pots were sold out in around 10 minutes at Black Friday morning in all GTA Wal-Mart stores !

If you can not find the deal from your local stores, you can always find instant pot on Amazon.

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