Welcome to Our Website

Welcome ! SmartBuy365.com (Also it has another domain name OKXH.com) is an items review and discount information collection website. We do items reviews, unboxings and shopping recommendations; we also collect online or offline stores discount information, as well as coupons and so on.

Welcome to SmartBuy365.com (OKHX.com). This site has been updated with integrating OKHX.com and SmartBuy365.com. Please note SmartBuy365.com is a new domain name that we registered in 2019, it now no longer has any relationship with any previous websites that may have existed.

About the old website OKXH.com

The domain OKXH.com was registered in 2006. But we did not use it for any actual website, a few years later all 4-Letter .com domains were taken worldwide. Now you can not register a 4-letter .com domain name directly. You can only buy 4-letter .com domain names at high prices from some domain name companies or individuals who operate domain name business.

We launched the domain OKXH.com for this website. OKXH means Online Thousands of (K) Extreme Hot deals, you can simply call this website as "OK Extreme Hot deals" or just "OKXH".

We will continue to provide you with our best efforts, welcome to continue to visit SmartBuy365.com (OKXH.com), you will get very useful information from SmartBuy365.com (OKXH.com).


1: Q: Are all items operated by your website?
The purpose of OKXH.com is to collect items review information or collect good deals. We do not sell any items. All product links and buttons provided on this website are redirected to the seller's website or the target website designated by the seller's website. All transactions are operated by the buyer(s) on the seller's company or merchant's website. Our website (OKXH.com) does not participate in any part of the real transaction.

2: Q: Are the product links and buttons on your website safe?
All the links and button codes corresponding to the purchased items on this website are all redirectly to the seller’s company or merchant’s website, and all are provided by the seller’s merchant. We have not added any additional codes. So all the links or buttons are security and safe.

3: Q: How does your website manage customer information?
OKXH.com does not participate in actual transactions. All transaction information of buyers and customers is directly stored on the seller's website. OKXH.com does not collect any information of customers.

4: Q: When will the items that I ordered be shipped and arrive?
Because OKXH.com does not participate in direct sales and item transactions, this website is also not responsible for receiving and shipping matters. Receiving and shipping are also the responsibility of the seller’s company or merchant. Please contact your seller company or merchant website.

5: Q: How should I order items?
The purchase process of all items is carried by the buyer(s) on the seller’s website. After you click the link or button on this website, you will access to the seller’s official website. There is no difference in the purchase process. If you are already a customer of the seller's website, please follow their purchase guides. If you are not a customer of the seller’s merchant, please register on the seller’s website, usually it is free. For the specific purchase process and registration process, please refer to the information on the seller’s website.

6: Q: How are Items(Products) priced?
The prices of the items on OKXH are all from the seller’s company or merchant. The specific price is determined by the seller and has nothing to do with this website. This website is not responsible for any price setting.