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Moen Moen is a well-known kitchen and bathroom products brand. In North America, wherever there are kitchen and bathroom supplies, most of them will have Moen products.

However, in Canada, some Moen product accessories are not easily available in the market. They are also not available in regular building materials stores such as HomeDepot, Lowes, etc. For example, the Aerator of some Moen faucets.

Note: If you have such a Moen faucet at home, and the water flow is slow and unclear, it is usually because the Aerator in the faucet is blocked or needs to be replaced.

And you'd better not spend money and waste your time to try to find some alternatives. According to my personal experience, there are no other aerators that can replace Meon in the Canadian market, including online shopping. You must use Moen's parts. Otherwise, no matter it is, you will find the thread and size do not match. I wasted a lot of time and extra cost for it.

For example, the following faucet, which is very common in family bathrooms in North America:

Moen Danika Spot Resist Brushed Nickel One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

(Check all Moen faucets)

Model: WSL84733SRN

Moen Faucet

This type of faucet accessories such as aerator is difficult to buy in the Canadian market. It can only be bought in a few and special stores, and the price is not cheap.

It looks like this (usually sold with installation tools, the tool on the left is the tool):

Moen Faucet

(Moen 143326 Aerator 1.5gpm)

The HomeDepot Canada has a similir thing in their website, but until now, it is not Moen's aerator, and it cannot be used in the Moen faucet mentioned above. please do not buy it from there. (I tried that too but never worked)

We can try to find merchants based on the information provided by Moen's official website. But if it is more convenient for you, you can buy it from Amazon, check here.

We can find Moen faucet accessories information on the official Moen website: Link

Moen Faucet

As you can see, there are two types of matching Aerator numbers:

183732 1.2gpm and 143326 1.5gpm

Generally, we can buy 143326 in certain stores in Canada.

We will try to write more related articles in the future.


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