Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 300 PPI with Built in Light WiFi and 3G


This article is about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 300 PPI with built in Light WiFi and 3G .

Are you a “bookworm” ? And are your kids little “bookworms” ? I mean, do you all love to read? If your whole family loves to read, do you have a more annoying problem, which is that there are books all over the house? For example, if your child likes to borrow a lot of books from the library, and the whole house is full of books they throw ? You may have wanted to let yourself and your child read from a computer or tablet. But you should soon realize that it will hurt your eyes. In order to protect your child's eyes, all you can do is limit your child's time to use the computer. But all of these still can't solve your problem.

What are problems with the traditional way of reading?

1: You can not stop your kids reading because they need to read;

2: You can not let your children use computer for a long time, and can not use a tablet and phone for a long time;

3: You need to check dictionary and search related information when you are reading;

4: Maybe you need some simple internet operations, such as sending and receiving emails.

Is there any better way to solve the traditional reading problem ?

Obviously, using new technologies to solve traditional reading problems is a better solution we are looking for. However, as we have already said before, reading books on computers or mobile phones will hurt our eyes. so It is actually not a good solution we can choose.

Currently, the best alternative to traditional reading is to read on an e-reader that uses e-ink technology.

What is E-Ink ?

E-Ink is first born in 1997 in E Ink corporation in US. It is kind of optical component which is used in Electronic Paper Displays. E-Ink is composed of microcapsules. E ink paper is like a real paper.

The main different between E Ink screen and tablet screen is that E Ink screen does not flicker, compared to the regular computer and table’s display blink constantly, thus hurting people’s eyes.

Also no power is required during E-link display, only refreshing the screen is required.

E Ink fonts are sharp and clear like real paper


The best E-Reader currently

Compared to other E-Readers, Amazon Kindle is the best and famous e-Reader which uses E-Ink technology;

There are the following features on Kindle:

1: Amazon has the world's largest online book market. So if you buy a Kindle, you'll have countless books for your choosing;

2: Amazon is the great IT services provider;

3: 300 ppi = 300 pixels per inch.

4: Built in reading light, which means when the environment is dark, you don't need to be assisted by other light sources.

5: No flicker.

6: With dictionary feature;

7: Also you can do simple internet tings, such as Email.


How to buy?

The world's best eReader at present is Amazon Kindle products. The hottest Kindle model is Kindle Paperwhite now. You just buy the Kindle from Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

(Sold by Amazon and Ships from Amazon)

-- Wifi Edition

-- WiFi + 3G Edition:


Resolution 300 ppi Built-in adjustable light-read day and night Unlike tablets, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours Holds thousands of books About more details please read official Amazon website.


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