Canadian Mobile Network Operators and Subsidiaries


A important consideration when we choose a mobile phone plan is the coverage of the telecommunications network. The greater the coverage of the telecommunications network, the better the mobile phone signal.

At the end of each year, during Black Friday or Christmas, all major mobile telecommunication operators in Canada will launch discounts and promotions. This period is also the season for mobile phone users to change plans and services.

If we can understand the interrelationship of various mobile companies, we can understand their telecommunications network coverage.

For many years, Canada's telecommunications and mobile have basically been monopolized by a few large companies, they are BCE Inc (Bell), Rogers, Telus, Shaw, etc.

The small companies are either directly subsidiaries of these large companies or they have been acquired by these large companies.

Below is a list of some small mobile communication companies and their parent companies that are common on the market (Note: Not all mobile companies are listed here).

Canadian Mobile network operators

Parent company Sub company Subscriptions
BCE Inc. Bell, Virgin Plus, Lucky Mobile, PC Mobile... 11+ million
Rogers Fido, Chatr, 7-11, Petro-Canada Mobility, Cityfone, Primus, Zoomer, SimplyConnect... 10.9+ million
Telus Telus, Koodo, Public Mobile... 10.8+ million
Shaw Shaw, Freedom Mobile... 2+ million


1: Bell and TELUS share the same communication signal towers according to their multiple operator core network agreement.

2: On March 15, 2021, Rogers announced that it would acquire Shaw for $26 billion, subject to regulatory approval and shareholder approval. So far this acquisition has not been approved.

Now that we know the parent company of small companies, we can know the network coverage of those small companies. At least from a technical point of view, companies with large coverage are the mobile service operators we can choose.

For example, Fido, its parent company is Rogers, so its network coverage is Rogers' coverage. And Koodo, its parent company is Telus, and its network coverage is Telus' coverage.

Therefore, the mobile phone plans provided by these small companies are actually quite reliable in terms of network coverage, because they all use the mobile communication networks of large companies.


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